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In the media...

Jeff D. Johnson did a stellar job taking my storyline and writing the screenplay. I was particularly blown away by what he did with the song “Everything You Thought You Had.” And Alex McKenna’s acting in that chapter is off the charts.
— Craig Minowa in City Pages
I called Love, their last release, their best album ever. That, I thought then, was a remarkable achievement for a band born nearly 20 years ago. Well … I take that back. THIS is their best ever!
— Mark Wheat
So it’s no coincidence that the movie and album, both called The Seeker, work hand in hand to document a girl’s journey to self-discovery after being beset by early-life tragedy. And if that sounds heady, that’s because it is. The feature-length film that also stars Radnor’s Hollywood pal Alex McKenna has no dialogue, while the album functions as the girl’s narrative. Although both can be understood and enjoyed individually, when synched...they become a cross-disciplinary whole.
— Drew Wood
There are plenty of bands with great songs who don’t have the hold on my heart that Cloud Cult has...
— Josh Radnor
I think that first and foremost, The Seeker is the story of reestablishing wonder and awe in life.
— Craig Minowa
Incredibly prolific, ambitious, and powerful with their work, Cloud Cult is one of those bands that you can’t help but root for to win at every race they run.
— Emerson Davis